Mindfulness has become such a buzzword, it’s started to make me feel guilty. Every time I’m not being mindful, which is most of the time, I catch myself and try to be mindful, but I can’t. It’s like trying to fit in dessert after a fifteen course meal. I want to, but I am way […]

I didn’t want a puppy and now that we have one, I still don’t. Everyone tells me “It’s like having a new baby.” I set them straight and say babies don’t chase you around the house nipping your ankles, chewing power cords and swallowing rocks. They smile and nod. It seems like the conspiracy of […]

Wednesdays are called BIG Wednesdays at our place. We start at 6.30 to get to choir by 7:40, it is sports day for both girls, I head over to the clinic, so we need lunches packed for all, we have to remember it’s library day, then after school care, then netball training til 6.30pm. With […]

The doctor opened the door, leaving it slightly ajar while I tried to squeeze through the gap. I lug an overfilled handbag, in one hand, a bunch of scripts and the other some rumpled, snotty tissues. “There’s never a dull moment in your life!” she said as she shooed me out the door. I grimaced […]

“Mum you have inspired me for when I become a mother,” said my eldest child, a few weeks ago. She has my full attention. She is not talking about her Spotify playlist, growing by the minute with hip hop artists singing about their girlfriend’s butts, she is not telling me why she needs to go […]

I don’t really have a home town anymore. My parents moved to another city I have never lived in, so when I go to visit, I mostly see them and sometimes cousins and usually aunts. There isn’t a lot of nostalgia there for me. It doesn’t really feel like “home” home. When they lived in […]

This half day workshop is designed to encourage access to confidence and bravery. We look at ways to tap into courage and to face challenges head on. This workshop is aimed towards children who are beginning to feel the pressure of friendships, study and facing the transition into adolescence and secondary school. The workshop covers: […]