My husband told me once about a woman he saw at the end of our street. He mentioned it casually a few days after, he said when he was walking the dog, he noticed her, in full Japanese garb, doing some kind of tai chi, with a pink boom box on the grass playing Asian […]

I understand that many nefarious and secretive things happen under the cover of darkness. It’s the strange things that happen in the light of day that jolt me. This morning at the beach, I was helping my wriggly puppy out of the car and heard the unmistakable crack of a golf club connect with a […]

I’ve just finished jury duty. It was particularly gut-wrenchingly hard for me. Which is why, on the day after it all wrapped up, I found myself in a coffee shop surrounded by a huge mug of coffee, a chocolate milkshake with ice-cream, musk sticks, chocolate wafer biscuits and my misery. They say misery loves company, […]

Aging and why it sh!ts me

At 48, I consider myself too young for orthotics. For those younger than this – these are things elderly people put in their shoes to help them with their elderly feet. Or so I thought. Apparently people younger than 80, need help with their feet as well. Or hips and consequently feet. Bloody hell. I […]

When Redland’s mother of two had a mid-life career change, she never expected her new job would involve hanging out in cafes! After 25 years in marketing, Rachel Wilkinson re-trained as a counsellor and entered into private practice in 2017. Since then, she has seen many clients suffering from loneliness and isolation as face to […]

This morning I had a re-assessment at the gym. I’ve had these before and they give me whole bunch of exercises I don’t do, show me machines I don’t like and after this I just return to my old routine. Last time, a particularly enthusiastic woman gave me about seven or eight exercises to do […]

Often I pick up a magazine and self diagnose. Or, there is a pop up ad in my Facebook feed. Are you tired, emotional, moody? You might be suffering from lack of sleep. Well, yes. Isn’t everyone? Are you lack-lustre, flat, hard to motivate  – you may need more Vitamin D! I recently picked up […]