I don’t often write reviews but in this case I wanted to tell everyone how wonderful Rachel is and to encourage more people to seek help to improve their quality of life.

I saw Rachel over a period of six months and she helped me adjust to becoming a step mum and gave me strategies to deal with a difficult ex partner. She also helped me to facilitate good boundaries at home and in the workplace to help me feel more balanced and peaceful. I really enjoyed all of our sessions together. She created a very safe, open and homely environment for our sessions that felt more personal than that of a clinical office space, which made me feel at ease. She really listened to everything I had to say and gave me sound advice when I needed it. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her help and for that I will always be grateful.

I would highly recommend her to anyone who would like help moving forward and healing issues in their life.
– KJ

I could not recommend Rachel’s reiki healing more highly. After trying a number of different therapies to release grief, stress and anxiety, this was the one thing that resulted in a physical shift and release of energy. I left Rachel feeling like a huge weight had been lifted. Thank you so much Rachel, I am very grateful!
– EMc

We found Rachel online. I had this feeling she was our counsellor, so I contacted her and I cannot believe we were so lucky. Rachel has given us all the tools to help our marriage flourish. Support, communication, love, understanding and so much more. Our son also attends sessions with Rachel to help us navigate the teenage years. I recommend Rachel to everyone, because she is someone I trust.

– JT

I was lucky enough to have a Reiki session with Rachel. It was incredible. I was made to feel comfortable, reassured and relaxed. Rachel is very professional and extremely gifted. My son attended one of Rachel’s yoga for kids workshops and he loved every minute. Rachel was very accomodating to the different energy levels of the kids and made sure everyone enjoyed their time. Rachel is a beautiful person whom I would recommend whole heartily.

– AR

I have seen Rachel on several occasions for different treatments. She is very intuitive and understands what you need. She is kind but tough, gentle yet real. I would highly recommend her.

– LR

I have been seeing Rachel for a little over a year and it has been wonderful. Rachel listens and understands what you are going through. Her non-judgment support is why I would recommend her for anyone who is going through difficult times in their life. Rachel has helped me with my relationship problems and addictions. I have gone on a walk and talk therapy with Rachel and found that very helpful and relaxing. While the virus had stop face to face support for a few weeks we did zoom online and that was still great to get the support still. Having been back to see Rachel in her home again has been a welcome support. If anyone is feeling depressed or has anxiety please go see Rachel.

– AH

I’ve had several master healing sessions with Rachel and all I can say is AMAZING!! Highly recommend ?. My daughter has also seen her for counselling and master healing. Rachel has made such a difference and supported our family though some truly horrifying times. Rachel was the difference between losing ourselves in the abyss and climbing into the light. There are not enough words to express my gratitude xx

– ME

Rachel combines her depth of knowledge with a perceptive, intuitive and nurturing approach to healing and wellness. A session with her feels like she has aired out your inner workings, so you feel lighter and ready to take on the world. She is intelligent, thoughtful and authentic and has a fabulous sense of humour, helping keep things real.

– JC

Rachel is welcoming, passionate and inspiring. She found the spark in me and has given me confidence in myself. It is lovely being in her presence and she finds a gentle way to get the best out of you and for you.

– SE

Rachel is the kindest and most gentle therapist I have seen. Offering many different approaches to well being, I look forward to continued healing and happiness on my journey with Rachel.

– NB

You know that feeling when someone just gets you? Rachel did that. She 100% talked about all the thoughts and feelings I have had for, like, my whole life.

– B, 14

Beautiful and authentic Rachel. Totally focused counselling session. I did not hold back. I feel so much lighter and have been able to clear negativity and grief. Feeling on the right pathway to healing and clearing my issues. Didn’t even need my usual tissues, although I never feel uncomfortable if I do cry. Thank you! You are absolutely amazing!

– T

Thanks so much for meeting with me! I think it’s the turning point for me to put my ideas into action. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and helping me put some random ideas into the start of an action plan. I really valued your insights.
– J

I can’t thank you enough for today. You’ve given me so much clarity. I was tearing up on the way home from feeling so at ease with the path I’m on. Thanks again!
– R

I was so impressed with your insight and intuitions into my life. No one has ever read me so deeply or so spot on. I felt so light like a massive weight had been taken off my shoulders. I am rejuvenated with an extra spring in my step – head held high, a smile on my face radiating from the inside! Thank you, Thank you. – C

Rachel – you are one funny, quirky, emotionally rich, caring, empathic, intelligent and kind woman! – V

I have been seeing Rachel now since 2018 and I have got a lot out of our sessions. The way Rachel conducts her sessions makes you feel like you matter and she wants the best for you. My wife and I have come to couples counselling and have worked through some of our problems. I have done the walk /talk therapy and have enjoyed that. I really like her massages as they help with my chronic pain. Rachel is a caring, supportive lovely lady and I would recommend her 100 times over.
– A

I met Rachel at a Reiki training day and instantly connected to her energy. Rachel is very honest, up-front and open person who has an enormous amount to offer. I take massage and Reiki from Rachel and find her energy very healing. I always feel more balanced and in a better place to take on daily life after a session with her. Her passion for helping others and continuing to learn and better herself is inspiring.
– L

I am in a good state and have been feeling better generally. My pain has improved a lot. I’m definitely clearer and happier. Thank you for your healing massage and reiki.
– S

Rachel offers a nurturing and warm approach to her counselling sessions, making clients feel at ease by creating a supportive and safe environment for healing. I liked that Rachel offered a more holistic approach to her counselling sessions, with practical advice and teachings that helped me greatly with my anxiety.
I would highly recommend Rachel’s services to anyone needing life advice, counselling or to someone who just needs a friendly face to help them get back on track.
– K

I’ve talked to psychiatrists in the past and you are so much better! You are so real and hands on. Thank you. – S

Thank you! You really did help me in just our few sessions! I can’t really convey just how much I’ve managed to see and feel things differently since we last met, but I have and I owe it to you. All that baggage had gone and has made me feel so much lighter ever since! – E

Rachel is a warm, caring, therapist with a menagerie of techniques. This enables her to provide a tailored, comprehensive service as individual as you are, optimising results. – L

Things have progressed beyond my wildest dreams in the past few months and I am about to embark on the career I have dreamed of for so long. In large part the courage to pursue and so clearly map out the path to this point I owe to you. The visualisation you facilitated during one of our consults galvanised my resolve to do what it took to get me here. You’ve also helped me deal with some very old, very deeply rooted family issues with some of the most powerful Reiki I have ever experienced. Thank you. – L.W.

Rachel is kind, compassionate, intuitive, safe, understanding, reassuring, gentle, heartfelt, humourous and strong. – L

Rachel guided me in the right direction to achieve the best things. I love her method. It’s very easy to adapt to changes. I certainly will be letting everyone know about her excellent services! – E

Rachel is very approachable and professional. I left my Reiki session feeling relaxed and recharged. Highly recommended.
– S

Therapists need therapy too! Rachel’s broad range of skills helped me remember that life isn’t going to happen exactly how and when you want it too. Sometimes we need that objective support and someone to teach us the skills to manage those times. I enjoyed her guided meditation and am looking forward to ongoing sessions with her. Great sense of humour too.
– A

Thank you so much for my massage. It was the best one I have ever had. Amazing. I feel great.
– P

I don’t know what you did but I feel so different, I feel lighter! Like all the heaviness has lifted. Thank you. – K