Energetic Healing

Human memory is stored in the brain and the body. Some memories and emotions, if left unprocessed by the brain manifest in the body as pain. Sometimes this pain cannot be shifted by body work or medication and it needs to be released in other ways.

What happens in a session?

In your first session, I will take an assessment of you, discuss where you are in life, your aims for the session, your family, stress levels, and talk about medication or pain management.  The energetic work is conducted fully clothed on the massage table. It is best to wear something comfortable. Loose clothing is preferred. I utilise a variety of methods depending on what comes up in the session.

  1. How will I feel after?

    Some clients immediately feel lighter, happier, stronger and more vibrant. Others report feeling particularly emotional in the days following a  treatment. This is part of the healing process. It is important during this time to allow these emotions to pass through you and release them from the body. Whether they appear as sadness, grief, anger or depression, sit with these emotions, acknowledge them and let them pass. Be kind to yourself, rest, retreat if you feel the need to, walk in nature, drink water, nourish your body and sleep. The body is in recovery. Gentle movement and rest will help to move the emotions out of your body. Writing down all these emotions as they come up in a journal might also be helpful.

    Allow 1.5- 2 hours for your energy healing session. Treatments are $150.

    Sometimes one session is enough to release pain, for older or more established pain a few sessions are beneficial to work more deeply.

    Text Testimonials:

  • I don’t know what you did but I feel so much lighter! – K
  • I woke up today and my head was clear, I felt a whole lot better in the areas which were painful. – A
  • I had a better sleep last night than I can remember – I have woken without the usual pain, it feels quite unusual – light and free! – P
  • My legs feel so much better today – I could go up and down stairs quite easily! Thank you – I’m looking forward to our next session! – N