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Endings and Beginnings

There seems to be a theme walking in and out of my clinic recently.  It’s all about endings and beginnings. If there was a bell at my door for each time I said, “All the best with the new job!” “Good luck with your resignation!” “I’m proud of you for leaving that relationship,” or “I’m so thrilled you guys are sticking it out, it’s a new chapter,” my bell would be ringing all day.  As one of my wise clients said a few weeks ago, which I am stealing and spreading like a virus, “Covid has brought up the truth for everyone.”

Covid = Thinking time

I spent my time in isolation thinking about my life, circumstances, friends, family, my purpose, and I reassessed. I looked at what was important to me and what I needed most. I needed friends and swimming and when I couldn’t have either of those, I took the dog for long walks by the bay, I snacked more than I should have, and texted my friends and family who were studying or who had studied post grad courses.

The truth which came up for me was I don’t know enough to help as many as I want to. So, I’ve enrolled in another course, ordered all the texts on-line and am now nervously awaiting the start of my Masters of Counselling in a few weeks. With my business growing through word of mouth, this meant I had to let go of something.

Goodbye to NDIS

I’ve been working with NDIS disability services for just over a year now. It certainly has taught me many things.

  • I have learned to slow down – a walk to the chemist might take me five minutes but can take us up to 40 minutes return with a walking frame, including stops for a breather and a drink on a searing hot Brisbane day.
  • I have learned to simplify things, sitting on a rug, by the bay, watching the water sparkle and talking about childhood memories is enough for an afternoon.
  • My mind has expanded with stories on indigenous culture, animals, art, and country. I have learned tales of survival, family, courage and generational trauma.

It was hard to let go because I learned so much from working in this sector, but time management moving forward is going to be critical.

Hello study + Redlands City Boxing

Typically, when there is a space an opportunity arises. For me, this ending and saying goodbye to NDIS clients, has created an opportunity to join forces one day a week with Redlands City Boxing, Cleveland. They offer PT/Yoga/Boxing/Self-Defense for the whole family. I will be doing what I do on Mondays from their club in Cleveland close to two of my favourite places La Bouche and Coconut Coffee House

If I haven’t seen you in a while – drop me a text or email to let me know how you are going, book in a time or refer a friend.  I will be here, studying/counselling/massaging and offering reiki to anyone who needs it. I may even be sparring in my spare time! Yes Joel Davis, I will keep my thumbs tucked in.

Stay well,

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