I’ve always been interested in natural therapies but worked as a corporate creative. In 1999, whilst working full time, I completed a Diploma in Clinical Massage,  followed by a certificate in Shiatsu and Reiki. I also became a Certified Infant Massage Therapist. I began working on weekends at Glebe Healing Centre. After relocating to Brisbane in 2003, I worked as a therapist for Holistic Health Day Spa in the City and New Farm. After I was married and mortgaged, I returned to the corporate sector working in marketing roles for recruitment.

Two years later, I was approached by The Great Aussie Backrub to assist in the re-brand and launch of their two City clinics as Assiram Natural Therapies.  In this position, I managed the clinic, reception, branding and corporate communications. I went through two pregnancies here, supported by an amazing team of acupuncturists, massage and musculoskeletal therapists. I began to fully appreciate the importance of natural therapy in daily life.

A few years later, working in education, I completed a parenting course with an amazing teacher and counsellor who lead me to commence my studies in Holistic Counselling. I began the juggle of working four days a week, wrangling small children and a Diploma. This two-year course included 100 hours of voluntary work which I completed with Redlands Healing Centre, helping to establish programs for addiction. During this time I also stopped drinking and wrote a book about it. The E-book called Hell in a Handbag covering the 90 days is here.

My work and study in the area of Holistic Health have enabled me to build up a network of many talented therapists, qualified in a variety of techniques and I am grateful to use this extensive referral network.


For the past 25 years, I have worked in many fast-paced work environments, in a variety of industries and locations in Sydney, London, Brussels, Africa and Brisbane. I have worked in the health care sector, banking, medical, legal, education, recruitment and not for profit. This has enabled me to have a thorough understanding of workplace stress and how it impacts relationships, family, health and well-being.

I have lived with anxiety all of my life. I know how this can play out with emotional stress, relationship breakdown, addiction, physical ailments, including overwhelm, fatigue and burn out. I have learned strategies and short cuts to help me navigate my life better and love sharing my lessons! If it’s time for you to change some repetitive patterns in your life, I can support you. It’s time to bring back the joy.

Spirituality and meditation

I have been a yogi student for over 20 years, recently trained as a Kids Yoga instructor and I meditate as often as I can. I am highly sensitive and use intuitive guidance to tune into messages from the Universe and spirit.  In 2019 I completed my Reiki Masters which means I can now pass on reiki teachings to students. During an energetic healing session, I can balance your chakras, cleanse your aura with reiki symbols and deliver healing messages.

Some people aren’t into this and I respect that. I’m only a little woo-woo.

I have sat in a a Psychic Development circle for almost 10 years, so I now feel qualified to deliver psychic and medium messages. These often come up during sessions but if you would like an exclusively psychic mediumship session I do this too.

If you want me to tune your vibration to a Tibetan singing bowl, flap an eagle’s wing over your body to purify your aura, burn sage whilst balancing crystals on your supine body ( yes – this has happened to me before), it’s likely I know someone who can, I have lots of friends and some are pretty kooky.


  • Counselling

  • Therapeutic or Remedial Massage

  • The Work of Byron Katie

  • Decision making

  • Meditation

  • Parenting techniques

  • Communication techniques

  • Addiction

  • Stress and Anxiety

  • Reiki