What is the difference between counselling and holistic counselling?

While some forms of counselling are just listening to the current issues going on in your life, Holistic Counselling looks at the whole person and all of the elements that make you, you. These include emotional, social, mental, physical, environmental, cultural, spiritual, sexual and psychological. We look at you, how you fit into the world and how we can best support and strengthen you.

Together we can acknowledge what is impacting your life right now, further understand your current needs and using holistic techniques, work together on improving, accepting and surrendering to your life.

I’m nervous. What can I expect from our first session?

Nervousness and fear are perfectly normal feelings. Please be assured you are taking the first step towards changing your current situation.

In your first session, we fill out a short questionnaire together so I can get a full picture of who you are and the challenges you are currently experiencing. The first session will mostly comprise of listening, it may involve a guided meditation or a demonstration of some stress reduction techniques but generally, it will be about getting to know you as a whole person.

What are your qualifications?

I have a Degree in Communications, a Diploma in Remedial Massage and a Diploma in Holistic Counselling. I am a Certified Infant Massage Instructor, Kids Yoga Teacher and a Reiki Master. I am also trained in group facilitation.

I work full time, it’s tricky for me to find time for an appointment. What are your hours?

I know what it is like to juggle work and family schedules. I work every day. I keep a session free every Sunday morning and also work Saturdays. These suit best for couples counselling and child minding. Email me so we can find a time which is suitable.

What kind of areas do you specialise in?

Most people come to me for problems related to stress, work, relationships or family issues. In addition I have lived experience with anxiety, burn out, relationship breakdown and repair, addiction, change and parenting. I especially enjoy working with teen anxiety.

In my life I have been assisted by many wonderful healers and body workers, If I can’t help you, I can help you find someone who can.

What happens if I can’t make my appointment?

As I have a waiting list, it helps me to rearrange things if I have at least 2 days notice. I understand that sometimes children are sick, work commitments can change and life happens. For no shows and last minute cancellations my blanket policy is $50 added to your next bill. This is considerate as some companies will charge you up to 75% of your appointment fee. Please if you can, give me at least 24 hours notice to see if I can offer the time to someone else.

What therapies do you offer and what do you charge?
  • Counselling Initial session: 1.5 hours – $153
  • Follow up Counselling sessions: 1 hour –  $103
  • Couples Counselling sessions: 1.5 hours – $153
  • Remedial or Therapeutic Massage: 1.5 hours – $93
  • Reiki: 1.5 hour session + chakra balancing –  $93
  • Employee Assist Programs (hourly phone or face to face) – $150
  • Corporate Mediations from $150 per hour + travel time