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Discover the power of Reiki

Reiki, pronounced Ray Kee, is a unique therapeutic practice that originated in Japan. This technique focuses on restoring balance to the body’s energy centers, promoting overall well-being. With a history dating back to the 1920s and its introduction to the West in the 1970s by a Hawaiian Japanese woman, Reiki has been passed down from […]

ADHD, women and all the acronyms

Sometimes every bad thing you have experienced comes smashing up to meet you  – trauma, grief, loss, rejection, attachment wounds, bullying, loneliness, separation, poverty, emotional dysregulation, anxiety, depression, domestic violence, addiction, family and relationships. These were some of the subjects and themes covered in my masters degree in counselling. I needed to face these all […]

Happy International Coffee Day!

Coffee lovers around the world can celebrate their love of the brown bean on international Coffee Day, Saturday 1 October. You may want to share a toast with a flat white, long black, macchiato, espresso for the purists, or lighten your latte with skim, oat, almond, soy or go to town and flavour it with […]

Why I Won’t Niche

Some of the worst career advice I have been given as a therapist was “you need to find your niche,” or “you should specialise”. Part of the reason I was drawn to holistic therapy is its wide range and rich diversity. The beauty of holistic therapy is that it offers a flexible approach that tailors […]

We need to talk about grief

Here is the link to Bay FM’s Rainbow Conversation’s most engaging radio shows put together by Radio Husbands Tony Tranter and Jasper Manfield. This show on grief delivered the highest audience engagement in the program’s history. It is clearly evident why they were awarded BayFM 100.3’s program of the year award. Their preparation, research, and […]

Working from home – 5 rules for visitors

Working from home used to be something people did when they had pre-school children, lived remotely, or ran their own business, and didn’t want to pay for office space. Now, in the interest of keeping everyone safe and well, it is something we all need to be prepared to do, to operate independently, or pivot, […]

BayFM Radio – Searchlight Rainbow conversations

I am so grateful when I get a call to come in and chat on radio with these two amazing humans Tony Tranter and Jasper Manfield. They do so much good work educating the community and engaging support for the rainbow community as well as interviewing special guests, researching facts and they allow me to […]

Spirituality on the Rise in a Post-Pandemic world!

While divination and mystical arts may all sound a bit Harry Potterish, one Brisbane business owner has discovered these additional services added to holistic counselling have been a surprising source of income in a challenging year for small businesses. Australia now has many people who call themselves spiritual but not religious, and according to the […]