Endings and Beginnings

There seems to be a theme walking in and out of my clinic recently.  It’s all about endings and beginnings. If there was a bell at my door for each time I said, “All the best with the new job!” “Good luck with your resignation!” “I’m proud of you for leaving that relationship,” or “I’m so thrilled you guys are sticking it out, it’s a new chapter,” my bell would be ringing all day.  As one of my wise clients said a few weeks ago, which I am stealing and spreading like a virus, “Covid has brought up the truth for everyone.”

Covid = Thinking time

I spent my time in isolation thinking about my life, circumstances, friends, family, my purpose, and I reassessed. I looked at what was important to me and what I needed most. I needed friends and swimming and when I couldn’t have either of those, I took the dog for long walks by the bay, I snacked more than I should have, and texted my friends and family who were studying or who had studied post grad courses.

The truth which came up for me was I don’t know enough to help as many as I want to. So, I’ve enrolled in another course, ordered all the texts on-line and am now nervously awaiting the start of my Masters of Counselling in a few weeks. With my business growing through word of mouth, this meant I had to let go of something.

Goodbye to NDIS

I’ve been working with NDIS disability services for just over a year now. It certainly has taught me many things.

  • I have learned to slow down – a walk to the chemist might take me five minutes but can take us up to 40 minutes return with a walking frame, including stops for a breather and a drink on a searing hot Brisbane day.
  • I have learned to simplify things, sitting on a rug, by the bay, watching the water sparkle and talking about childhood memories is enough for an afternoon.
  • My mind has expanded with stories on indigenous culture, animals, art, and country. I have learned tales of survival, family, courage and generational trauma.

It was hard to let go because I learned so much from working in this sector, but time management moving forward is going to be critical.

Hello study + Redlands City Boxing

Typically, when there is a space an opportunity arises. For me, this ending and saying goodbye to NDIS clients, has created an opportunity to join forces one day a week with Redlands City Boxing, Cleveland. They offer PT/Yoga/Boxing/Self-Defense for the whole family. I will be doing what I do on Mondays from their club in Cleveland close to two of my favourite places La Bouche and Coconut Coffee House

If I haven’t seen you in a while – drop me a text or email to let me know how you are going, book in a time or refer a friend.  I will be here, studying/counselling/massaging and offering reiki to anyone who needs it. I may even be sparring in my spare time! Yes Joel Davis, I will keep my thumbs tucked in.

Stay well,

I borrowed this image from a website called bower and branch.

So many of us think we are good with change. We like variety and new challenges. Until it happens. To us. Then it is shit and scary and we are vulnerable and get frustrated and nothing works and why can’t everything go back to how it was when we knew what to do and how to be. When we were safe.

Change. Sigh. I’ve written about this before when it happened to me in the workplace and it was crappy. One thing I’ve got on change now is I know to wade through it. I know what I need emotionally, physically, mentally and even spiritually. I can ask when I need help and that’s okay. I know I need to also change how I live for a bit and get more support and that’s okay too.  I know I’m going to be so happy and feel like I have kicked some goals when I learn how to navigate the new place I’m in and apart from feeling all new at it and clumsy – mastering a challenge is so rewarding!

I know I will tell everyone how shit it is and I hate it, whether it is a new job or a new house or a new experience. It’s just until I muddle through and fail and try again and then finally get it right. I hated starting a new job because I hated navigating new systems, being allocated new passwords and working out politics and who could be my friends. I even hated the training and processes because I just always want to get in and get started on the job. I don’t like being the new person.

The things I suggest to clients going through change are:

  • Go easy on yourself, no one expects you to be able to get everything right first go. If you are in the workplace, getting people to help you out can work in your favour because you find out pretty quickly who are the angels and who are the arses. Cut yourself some slack and take your time in the first few weeks. People want to help you and get to know you.
  • Connect – If you are a connector and need to chat to your friends and share your experience with them, do that. Over the phone, or in person. They may have some good tips or know exactly what it is like to be where you are. They also might want to find out if you can get them any good deals or discounts or benefits. They’re only human.
  • Get some exercise – all that new information and being in a new environment can get overwhelming and impact on your sleep if you don’t get some fresh air and exhaust yourself physically.
  • Sleep – you may need to go to bed earlier because of all the new information and new processes, passwords, network systems, people’s names.  Really you only need to know payroll’s name in the first instance.
  • Cut back– You may want to celebrate and get piss-pants drunk or you might feel like you need more coffee to get through the day as well as sugary treats. This will only make you all speedy and jangly and likely to rush things that need to be taken slowly. It will increase anxiety and make it hard to fall asleep. Plus hangovers are a bother.
  • Meditate – I found this tremendously helpful when going through a redundancy. I was stressed, anxious and continuously thinking about the future, my fears, having to live in a caravan because I had no idea about what I was going to do for a job. If you don’t want to meditate, go for a swim, look at sparkling water, go to the beach or shower. It’s the same thing.
  • Support and self care – whatever works for you, it may be a massage or a manicure or a day on the golf course or paying a cleaner for a month. Book it in for this period of transition. You are learning and becoming a new thing, growing neural pathways and letting go of old ways.

And you are going to be amazing.

Here’s the link to the title song because Bradly Cooper has a surprisingly beautiful voice.

My planned workshop TAP into your Calm for Sunday 29 March has been rescheduled. This workshop was created to assist teens and young people to manage anxiety and to tap into calm.

The more I spoke with people about the content of this one day workshop, which includes:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping)
  • Energy protection and breath work
  • Yoga and meditation

The more I started getting questions coming in by email, text as well as instant messages “Can you do this for primary aged kids?” “What about preschool kids?” and then “Can you run this workshop for adults?” I began to realise that even though they are strategies I wanted young people to know, and ones I wish I knew as a young person, they are relevant to all ages.

Then Corona Virus happened and I was forced to rethink how to deliver this program. For now the workshop is on hold, and I am hoping to deliver it to all of these age groups when the safety of everyone can be assured.

In my everyday sessions with clients, I refer to these techniques often. They are useful across all age groups and effective in the workplace as well as at home. I have also started working with a wonderful aromatherapist from Remedy Room who has created a roll-on essential oil blend for my clients called Calm the Farm which sold out within a few days. The need to maintain calm and stop panicking has hit crisis point. Not only for us as individuals, but as families, friends, in the workplace and globally.

I’ve put together a few resources for this workshop which I have now posted on the workshop page on my website under the tab services. You can follow this link to find them. There are some yoga poses for calm courtesy of the Remote Yogi, an EFT sheet to take you through tapping for big emotions, as well as a 10 point checklist to calm.

I am available by mobile and Face-time for individuals and couples counselling as well as Skype. M:0402 329 259. Please leave a message if I am on a call or email me on info@rachelwilkinson.com.au

When you are out and about, be kind to retail staff, stop buying more than you need and stay home to avoid further pandemic panic.

I have not written any blogs for a while as I’ve been doing all sorts of things. So here’ s a summary, a blog binge, a blinge if you may. A brief overview of what’s been happening with Rachel Wilkinson Counselling now trading as Wello Well.

What happened in 2019?

  • Reiki Masters – I completed my Reiki Masters training. I can now initiate Reiki 1, Reiki II and Masters teaching level. Please let me know if any of these appeal to you or friends.
  • Yoga for Kids – I completed my Yoga Kids Instructors course – enabling me to teach yoga to Kids, families at schools, day care centres, vacation care etc. Let me know if this is something you are interested in. I’m looking into venues now for an 8 week after school program.
  • NDIS counselling – I am an NDIS approved counsellor which means I provide Individual counselling under the Improved daily living provision. This can be a mobile or offered in my clinic.
  • Young Mums Connect – Together with Redlands Centre for Women and The Benevolent Society,  I help facilitate a first-time mums’ group for young women aged 16 – 25. These weekly sessions come with a clinical health nurse, parenting and mental health support. Contact me for more details or go to https://www.redlandscentreforwomen.com/social-connection-groups/young-parents-connect/

How does 2020 look?

  • Teen workshops – I’m going to be delivering workshops targeting bravery and courage for teens. These will run in the Redlands with the goal of empowering young women and providing resources to tap into for peace, calm and centring. There will be some yoga poses thrown in for extra support.
  • Counselling for young adults from 11 years+ – Specialised sessions with parents then tailored sessions to work with the child. Specialising in anxiety, panic attacks, family relationships and friendships.
  • Employee Assist Programs (EAP) – I will be offering face to face and phone counselling for companies wanting to support and enhance their team’s wellness.
  • Intuitive Reiki sessions up to 90 minutes – I invite you to experience rest, connection with guides, messages from your soul and deep healing.
  • Radio Work – I’m finally going to realise a dream to complete a DJ course with local radio. If nothing, I can learn to harness my voice, work on projection, enunciation and lulling people to sleep.
  • Product – I will be stocking a few trusted items which I use regularly myself and love. I have salt lamps, protective crystals, magnesium spray for aches and pains, magnesium powder for energy and sleep as well as customised aromatherapy blends to roll on. Collaborating with a wonderful aromatherapist I am stocking Teen Spirit, (for anxiety and calm) Sweet Sleep and Goddess Blend (This is actually cranky hormonal bitch blend, but the name doesn’t fit on the label).
  • Coffee There will always be coffee, however, the weekly chats will now be monthly so I can manage my time better. Free coffee circles monthly on a Thursday Morning at Coconut Café Ormiston from 8.30-9.30/10. Check with me for dates.
  • Parenting course – Currently undergoing an 8-week circle of security parenting course delivered by the Benevolent Society. According to my children, I now need to find a cooking course, baking course and how to be less embarrassing course.

Rachel Wilkinson is a counsellor, working with individuals, families, teens, government, community groups and corporations to help them sort their sh!t out.

E: info@rachelwilkinson.com.au M: 0402 329 259