Reiki – what is it, where can I experience it and how can I learn more?

A reiki session is so relaxing!The first time I had reiki, I visited a naturopath in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs. It was an unusual experience. I had booked the appointment after she suggested if I felt rundown or needed energy, reiki could help. Considering my lifestyle in my mid-20s, of working/studying/drinking –  rundown was my middle name.

So I entered her room for a reiki session.  A massage table was set up with native American Indian music playing in the background at a low hum. I was asked to lie down on my back and a silk eye covering was placed over my eyes. I don’t like the dark. I felt a bit scared. She started without telling me what was going to happen and I couldn’t see anything. She proceeded to place rocks on my body, starting at my forehead, my neck, my chest, and along my stomach. I held my breath. She flapped something over me which made a whooshing sound and did not speak to me until she was done.

During the space of an hour, which felt timeless, I could smell something burning, and experienced warmth over different parts of my body, old memories emerged, and images came into my head. It was mind-blowing and scary at the same time. I’m not sure if this happened, or if it was the music, but it sounded like she played the drum for a bit. To finish, she made a loud pinging sound near my head that made my ears ring and woke me up. The whole experience was entirely surprising and when I started babbling to her about how wild it was, she said ” Enough talking”, and took my payment.

The next time I visited, I asked her about it and she explained her reiki master was a Native American Medicine man, or Sharman. So she used an eagle’s feather to flap around my body to clear my energetic field. She burned sage to purify and cleanse. She did play a small hand drum which felt grounding and beating at the same pace as my heart. The thrumming sound moved through my whole body. Certain types of crystals correspond to the energy centres or chakras, in the body which is why she placed these on my forehead, throat, and torso. The loud pinging was a tuning fork possibly used as a way of raising my vibration.

I don’t do any of this, just so you know. I don’t put crystals on the body as they can fall off and make clattering sounds and disturb the serenity. I have some in the room or on the table then I take them off. My reiki is simple and I explain the process, how, and where I will put my hands on your body, so it’s not creepy and I answer any questions you have before or after. We are allowed to talk and often I check-in to ask questions.

When I was ready to learn more, I connected with the Australian School of Reiki for my Level 1. I discovered the history and origins of Reiki in Japan in the early 1920s, and how it was passed down from teacher to student. It only emerged into the Western world in the 1970s and 80s after a Hawaiian lady brought it back to America. The initiations and teachings are passed down via a lineage to keep the practice pure. After offering Reiki as part of massage treatments for many years, I discontinued massage and began to offer Reiki as a stand-alone treatment. Nearly 20 years later, I completed my Reiki levels 2 and 3 with Soulbyrds in Brisbane.

What is reiki?

Essentially Reiki is a healing technique working with the body’s energy centres, or chakras to balance and maintain equilibrium or wellbeing. It is relaxing, restorative, and healing. Different practitioners have their own style or flavour which they bring to the treatment. A Reiki practitioner may be called a healer, but essentially act as a facilitator, using Reiki to allow the person’s body to come into alignment and heal itself.

Reiki with Rachel

A Reiki session with me although simpler, and without the feathers, also has my own flavour. I have studied psychic mediumship, and am a spiritual coach and holistic counsellor. My reiki has become more of a holistic healing practice. My experience in massage therapy has taught me how to read and feel the energy of the individual. Having an open mind and strong intuition enables me to access the spiritual realm. This has resulted in some amazing experiences. There have been many occasions where spirits have come through, memories and emotions have been processed and released and even illnesses have made themselves apparent. I have learned to trust how reiki becomes the key to access to mind, body, and spirit.

After graduating from student to master, I am honoured to pass the history and teachings of reiki on, attuning students to reiki healing for practice on themselves and A reiki session is so relaxing!others. Reiki can be performed on all living things including plants and animals.  Reiki symbols can be used to clear homes, offices, and energy fields. Self-practice is calming and healing.

Recently, I initiated my first student and she has now entered into her phase of 21 days of self practice. She is able to use reiki on her partner, baby and animals. She said ” I thoroughly enjoyed our training and I have had some great experiences so far!”

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Reiki Shares and Level 1 Classes

The next reiki share Sunday is booked out! These mornings are for trained practitioners and those interested in learning so we can share the healing reiki energy and connect like-minded souls together.

Brisbanites – spaces are limited so register your interest for upcoming Reiki Share Sundays by mail to:

Level 1 classes

If you are in Brisbane and are interested in training for Level 1 Reiki please mail to coordinate future dates for October and February 2023.

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