Why I Won’t Niche

One size does not fit all!

Some of the worst career advice I have been given as a therapist was “you need to find your niche,” or “you should specialise”. Part of the reason I was drawn to holistic therapy is its wide range and rich diversity. The beauty of holistic therapy is that it offers a flexible approach that tailors to the individual, not a one-size-fits-all structure. For me, the idea of delivering the same type of therapy day in/day out would make me want to bang my head repeatedly on my clipboard groaning and muttering very bad words.

I was told to not offer multiple therapies at once, I was assured I could make more money by separating therapies out to get more repeat business. I’ve never liked being told what to do, I’m a helper and a healer, I work for myself, so I tailor as required.  Holistic therapy with me can involve meditation, moving around, energetic chord cutting, reiki healing, yoga stretches, and much more laughter than tears. I blend everything in because every person is unique and comes for varied reasons plus, I feel better prepared knowing lots of approaches.

My favourite word is diversity, I have an unbridled curiosity if I don’t know something I will research and get back to you, if I can’t support you, I will find someone who can, but I won’t be niche, it’s too limiting and dull. If I have an expectation for growth and expansion from others, it’s unfair of me to sit in stagnancy and not do the work on myself. Therapists are required to have regular mentoring. In addition, I read multiple books at once, and see practitioners for my self-care. I regularly join in spirituality, meditation, and yoga practices. I’m nowhere near close to nirvana but I’m closer than yesterday.

I commenced counselling thinking my niche would be with teens and anxiety, which I did for a while, but those teens grow up and need support for their next transition, finishing school, moving out of home, starting careers, or university, forming relationships, facing challenges of starting a family and finding their place in the world. I then began to enjoy supporting women through career, family, and relationship challenges transitions of menopause as well as finding purpose and meaning in life.

Every person is a unique discovery and a work in progress and I want to be that too. I’m no expert. I can’t be, not in someone else’s life. All I can do is offer the space and time for reflection and ask questions to inquire more deeply, but ultimately, I don’t make decisions or dictate how others should live their lives.  We work together to gently consider how to find ways to make space for happiness and freedom. This then can create a flow through all aspects of life.

I work with individuals, couples, families, youth, and LGBTIQ+ people for:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Highly Sensitive Person (HSP or empaths)
  • Separated families
  • Couples counselling
  • Family support
  • Career challenges
  • Identity
  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Complex families
  • Spirituality
  • Purpose
  • so much more

I practice heart-centered, client-focused strength-based, family system, narrative, and inclusive therapy for any person, identifying as any gender in any relationship. I choose not to limit my scope because people are varied, unique, and changeable. We are all connection-seeking individuals who do not fit into one box, we are fluid, constantly changing, and moving through different challenges, life stages, and transformations. Life experiences come to shape, teach, and heal us, and none of us is the same person we were yesterday.


Please share if this may help anyone you know – in a world of increasing stress, no one needs a six-month waiting list to get help. Counsellors are unfortunately not Medicare rebateable, but charges are similar to out-of-pocket rates for psychologists, with less of a waitlist.


Rachel Wilkinson is a Holistic Counsellor with qualifications in communications, infant massage, kids’ yoga, remedial massage, reiki healing, spiritual coaching, and counselling. She lives in Brisbane and works in private practice with a small teddy bear humping Cavoodle. She is currently completing her Master of Counselling.

Website: rachelwilkinson.com.au Email: info@rachelwilkinson.com.au Mobile: 0402 329 259

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