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Calm the Farm

My planned workshop TAP into your Calm for Sunday 29 March has been rescheduled. This workshop was created to assist teens and young people to manage anxiety and to tap into calm. The more I spoke with people about the content of this one day workshop, which includes: Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping) Energy […]

I Binge, I’m a Dirty Binger

I have not written any blogs for a while as I’ve been doing all sorts of things. So here’ s a summary, a blog binge, a blinge if you may. A brief overview of what’s been happening with Rachel Wilkinson Counselling now trading as Wello Well. What happened in 2019? Reiki Masters – I completed […]

I’m making my list…

I know the importance of lists. I come from a long line of literate listy types. Currently I have lists in my diary of clients to follow up on, appointments, how many people we have coming for Christmas lunch, how many more squad training sessions until we start again in January, how many more days […]

Menopause Milkshake

Ingredients 50ml soy milk 1 x handful of frozen berries 1 x banana 1 x tsp LSA mix 1 x tsp Acai powder 2 tbs yoghurt Method Open fridge and scream “Where the hell are the blueberries?” Slam fridge shut. Watch husband slink out the door to work with suspicious container probably harboring the last […]

I Choose You

The wedding was outside. It was a crisp autumn afternoon; the loved up couple were under a huge Moreton Bay Fig exchanging tender hand written vows. A lady with blue hair was singing a song that seemed to be called “I choose you.” I was holding back the tears as something sharp was pressed into […]

The Shake up

Last week we had our house painted. I think I would have been alright if it was external, so I could close the windows and pretend it wasn’t happening. Denial in the face of change, why not? It’s certainly worked for me in the past. We didn’t move everything, only took pictures off the walls, […]

The In-between

My husband told me once about a woman he saw at the end of our street. He mentioned it casually a few days after, he said when he was walking the dog, he noticed her, in full Japanese garb, doing some kind of tai chi, with a pink boom box on the grass playing Asian […]