I’m coming home

I don’t really have a home town anymore. My parents moved to another city I have never lived in, so when I go to visit, I mostly see them and sometimes cousins and usually aunts. There isn’t a lot of nostalgia there for me. It doesn’t really feel like “home” home. When they lived in […]

Tap into bravery!

This half day workshop is designed to encourage access to confidence and bravery. We look at ways to tap into courage and to face challenges head on. This workshop is aimed towards children who are beginning to feel the pressure of friendships, study and facing the transition into adolescence and secondary school. The workshop covers: […]

What if?

I didn’t realise I had anxiety until I was about 45. Sometimes you don’t realise you are different from everyone else, but on another level, there is a deep knowing that you are; and you don’t want to be. I grew up wanting to be the same as everyone, aspiring to invisibility because that’s where […]

Exercise for wellbeing

Today I went back to the gym, after a few days off. I noticed I had been feeling twitchy, unkind and a bit blah. I knew if I thrashed around on the treadmill for a while I would find my balance. Also when I put on my Lycra clothes and sports bra I feel thin […]

Mind your own business

I’ve been called on my judgement a few times. Never as loudly as the time I was told to mind my own business, by a man washing his clothes at Kirra Point on a Tuesday morning. I try really hard not to be judgmental, or if catch myself making a judgement call in my mind, […]

Anxiety – how to put it back in its box.

Anxiety is a friend of mine. It’s taken me some years, but now I know some ways of backing her off, calming her down and gaining control of my body. It has taken many years and many lessons and just when I think I have taken control back, she comes again. I now understand that […]

Be your own cheerleader!

Last night there was a monumental event in our home. My daughter, ate something she had never tried before. This might be a regular event at your place, or you may also have the challenge of a fussy eater who balks at the sight of anything squishy, green or jiggly. I understand completely, I have […]