Calm the Farm

My planned workshop TAP into your Calm for Sunday 29 March has been rescheduled. This workshop was created to assist teens and young people to manage anxiety and to tap into calm.

The more I spoke with people about the content of this one day workshop, which includes:

  • Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT or Tapping)
  • Energy protection and breath work
  • Yoga and meditation

The more I started getting questions coming in by email, text as well as instant messages “Can you do this for primary aged kids?” “What about preschool kids?” and then “Can you run this workshop for adults?” I began to realise that even though they are strategies I wanted young people to know, and ones I wish I knew as a young person, they are relevant to all ages.

Then Corona Virus happened and I was forced to rethink how to deliver this program. For now the workshop is on hold, and I am hoping to deliver it to all of these age groups when the safety of everyone can be assured.

In my everyday sessions with clients, I refer to these techniques often. They are useful across all age groups and effective in the workplace as well as at home. I have also started working with a wonderful aromatherapist from Remedy Room who has created a roll-on essential oil blend for my clients called Calm the Farm which sold out within a few days. The need to maintain calm and stop panicking has hit crisis point. Not only for us as individuals, but as families, friends, in the workplace and globally.

I’ve put together a few resources for this workshop which I have now posted on the workshop page on my website under the tab services. You can follow this link to find them. There are some yoga poses for calm courtesy of the Remote Yogi, an EFT sheet to take you through tapping for big emotions, as well as a 10 point checklist to calm.

I am available by mobile and Face-time for individuals and couples counselling as well as Skype. M:0402 329 259. Please leave a message if I am on a call or email me on

When you are out and about, be kind to retail staff, stop buying more than you need and stay home to avoid further pandemic panic.

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