Pain – are you ready to let go?

Do you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders? Are you constantly sticking your neck out for everyone else? Are you stressed, tired, have unexplained pain or unable to sleep well?

Sometimes unexplained pain or chronic pain cannot be resolved with conventional therapies or medication. It may offer some relief, but the pain returns. This pain can reside on a physical level, but the source may be emotional. Unresolved emotional pain including trauma, grief, stress and loss can often manifest in the body as physical pain.

For some, this pain is beneficial, it is a way of getting help, sympathy or assistance. Some of us are not ready to let go of our pain as it offers us a chance to connect with others, a reason to ask for help, it allows us to need others without having to be vulnerable or emotionally needy, so instead, we become physically needy. Sometimes we are not ready for help, we want to blame an injury, an accident, our medication or incompetent doctors or health professionals. But what if this pain is trying to tell us something? What if the accident, the injury, the hurt is a way of our body letting us know that we need to acknowledge our emotional wounds and pain?

Energetic Healing can help

Human memory is stored in the brain and the body. Some memories and emotions, if left unprocessed by the brain, manifest in the physical body as pain. Sometimes this pain can be relieved but nor completely shifted by body work (like massage, physiotherapy, chiropractic, osteopathic work or acupuncture) or even medication. The pain may be caused by trapped emotion, suppressed heartache, or grief, emotional pain sometimes needs assistance to be released in other ways.

What is energetic healing?

Energetic work is conducted fully clothed on the massage table. A variety of methods are used – tailored to your needs.

These may consist of:

  • EFT ( Emotional Freedom Technique) or tapping to release subconscious beliefs and old thought patterns
  • Meditation – using guided meditation, connect with your inner child, teenager, goddess or warrior to strengthen and realign your soul
  • Reiki – hands on healing channels universal energy calming the body and mind and clearing blockages in the body
  • I utilise intuitive guidance to unlock additional insight for your healing
  • As a trained counsellor I offer support and a safe space to release emotions which you no longer need to carry

How will I feel after?

Some clients immediately feel lighter, happier, stronger and more vibrant. Others report feeling particularly emotional in the days following a  treatment. This is part of the healing process. It is important during this time to allow these emotions to pass through you and release them from the body. Whether they appear as sadness, grief, anger or depression, sit with these emotions, acknowledge them and let them pass. Be kind to yourself, rest, retreat if you feel the need to, walk in nature, drink water, nourish your body and sleep. The body is in recovery. Gentle movement and rest will help to move the emotions out of your body.

Energy healings are $150 per session and are approximately 1.5 – 2 hours.

Sometimes one session is enough to release pain, for older or more established pain a few sessions are beneficial to work more deeply.

The only question for you to answer is – Are you ready?

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