I have just spent a few days in the outback. It was fairly impromptu. Although I took great care in packing all the things I thought I would need, it turned out I needed much less. The days we walked out into the bush carrying only water and a camera were the most free I […]

Yesterday, I celebrated an anniversary. I noticed the day approaching in my diary and only realised on the day that I had actually made it. Two years. Facebook kindly sent me the photo of the last night I got drunk with two of my friends. We were all smiles. That was Saturday 23 May, 2015. […]

  I begin my journey to work every day looking for wildlife. I feel reassured and have a sense of hope about the world and the survival of the planet if I see wildlife on the way to work. Once I saw a spoonbill on the Birkdale roundabout and I was thrilled at the braveness […]

For most of my life I have been trying to line things up, straighten out crooked edges, hide the ugly things, get everything running smoothly and positioned in the right way, so I can feel satisfied. I like things neat. Along the way, I have discovered that life is not neat. Often the struggle to […]