The following came from a meditation on Insight Timer by Ana Baretto. You can find this full 30 minute meditation on the free meditation app Insight Timer. I’d like to say I use this meditation app every day – I don’t. I use it when I remember and that is enough. There are more than […]

Get a drink of water. You could be dehydrated! Your body needs water. Not juice, soda, or alcohol — get a tall glass of water and make yourself drink all of it. Make your bed. When you have a lot to do and it feels overwhelming, making your bed can be the first step in […]

Do you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders? Are you constantly sticking your neck out for everyone else? Are you stressed, tired, have unexplained pain or unable to sleep well? Sometimes unexplained pain or chronic pain cannot be resolved with conventional therapies or medication. It may offer some relief, but the pain […]

Have you ever walked into a room of new people and seen someone you felt you should avoid? Ever sensed where your car was in a shopping centre car park, even though hours of shopping had spun you around and you forgot where you parked? Ever walked out of a job interview and knew you […]

I have just spent a few days in the outback. It was fairly impromptu. Although I took great care in packing all the things I thought I would need, it turned out I needed much less. The days we walked out into the bush carrying only water and a camera were the most free I […]

Yesterday, I celebrated an anniversary. I noticed the day approaching in my diary and only realised on the day that I had actually made it. Two years. Facebook kindly sent me the photo of the last night I got drunk with two of my friends. We were all smiles. That was Saturday 23 May, 2015. […]

  I begin my journey to work every day looking for wildlife. I feel reassured and have a sense of hope about the world and the survival of the planet if I see wildlife on the way to work. Once I saw a spoonbill on the Birkdale roundabout and I was thrilled at the braveness […]