Kids Yoga

Growing up comes with its own set of challenges and now more than ever before, children are facing pressure from school, family, on-line, as well as pressure put on themselves. Having a break from technology can re-set the brain. Yoga and mindfulness has been shown to assist mood, concentration, behaviour, emotional regulation and stress reduction. It can assist with calming the nerves, improve sleep quality and reduce anxiety and depression.

Yoga can elevate the mood and increase and strengthen the immune system.

In a country where one in four young people aged 16 – 24 have a mental disorder, of which anxiety is the most common, (Australian Bureau of Statistics 2010) very few are accessing support services. Yoga and mindfulness in school programs can equip young people with skills which promote their physical and mental well-being.

Currently, I am offering private in-home classes under the Mindfulness band for children with Self-funded NDIS programs. Please get in touch to discuss ages, needs and a quote.

Meditation and yoga classes $150 per hour per family in home.